Thursday, February 16, 2006


Let's glorify some terror

"We praise oh mighty Allah for the brave raid our Mujahideen make on these countries, slowly but surely, God permitting, we are turning their lives into slavery and tyranny by changing the laws of the cowardly British, who are loosing all their freedoms.

Just as Sheik Osama Bin Laden himself said of Bush, who created the Patriot Act so they [Americans] may now taste the tyranny of the Arab lands.

In England they are putting their own people back into slavery under their own despots and their German Queen who are hungry for more power and to ensure their children are endlessly sent to their pointless deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan on the lies their leaders tell them.

Every one of our holy raids triggers a new tidal wave of tyranny from Blair that the stupid cowardly British think will protect them"

There is, and always has been, only one freedom allowed to the human race, and that freedom was issued by God at the creation. It is the 'freedom of choice'. Cameras, DNA, spyware, fingerprints nor anything else under the sun can disspell our freedom of choice.

So, what is the choice that is set before us? It is the choice between light and dark, fear and faith, indifference and love, and life and death. "Choose life that you may live forever."

What will you choose?
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